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About Us

Our mission is to transform communities all over the world by helping leaders powerfully, intentionally, and effectively build the public's will to participate in equitable and inclusive systems change. 
When leaders have the tools, resources, and capacity to engage others in intentional systems change work, they are free to unleash the full capacity of their organizations to tackle tough issues.
At TheCaseMade we help leaders make the case for systems change by aligning stakeholders and organizing resources in a deliberate systems change strategy.  We work across sectors and issue areas to help leaders understand the power of Strategic  CaseMaking™ and to use it as a critical instrument for systems change.
We are committed to advancing the work of social changemakers! 

The Team

Dr. Tiffany Manuel

President & CEO

President & CEO

Rafael Labrador

Graphic Designer & Media

Victoria Brown

Chief of Staff

Marilyn Wu

Chief Program Officer

Tina Horn

Senior Director, Field Building

Sherry Ashford

Administrative Assistant

Mai Ling

Training Officer

Kevin Brooks

Research Associate

Susan Hicks

Program Officer

Meet Our Advisors

  • Kerrien Suarez, Executive Director, Equity in the Center, ProInspire
  • Tina Hike-Hubbard, Senior Director, Enterprise Community Partners
  • Willow Lung-Amam, Associate Professor, University of Maryland & Center for Smart Growth
  • Amanda Misiko Andere, Chief Executive Officer, Funders Together to End Homelessness
  • Charline Manuel, President, One Accord Strategies