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Affordable Housing

Affordable housing developers and their partners are facing difficult opposition and NIMBY - we can help you Make the Case for inclusive communities. 

Your work is crucial and difficult. Let us help. 

Affordable housing is a vital part of building equitable, inclusive communities, and yet, the road blocks are intense - from zoning to funding, from public misconception to explicit racism, the importance of making a clear case for your project cannot be overstated.

Why work with TheCaseMade?

Led by the "rock star of affordable housing," Dr. Tiffany Manuel, TheCaseMade has partnered with local, regional, and national affordable housing agencies to improve their CaseMaking skills. Dr. Tiffany Manuel has also published a number of articles and papers on the topic including You Don't Have to Live Here: Why Housing Messages are Backfiring and  10 Things We Can Do About It. 

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