Become a CaseMaker

Strategic CaseMaking requires both training and practice. We’ll guide you through both and leave you with the knowledge and skills to build and execute your own CaseMaking strategy.

We can partner with you to:

Build Your Team’s CaseMaking Skills 

  • Introduction to CaseMaking: Your group will leave this introductory session understanding why Strategic CaseMaking is critical to achieve your outcomes. (30-60 minutes)

  • Basic CaseMaking Strategies: Your group will learn the most important Strategic CaseMaking principles and how to apply them to achieve your goals. (3 hours total – offered as a half-day session, two 90-minute sessions, or 3 hour-long sessions)

  • Advanced CaseMaking Strategies: Your group will learn all 10 Strategic CaseMaking principles and spend some time applying them to your goals. (6 hours total – offered as a full-day session, three 2-hour sessions, or 6 hour-long sessions)


Audit Your Existing CaseMaking Materials

Send us 10 pieces of communications material – brochures, fact sheets, speeches, etc. – and we’ll provide you with an assessment of your existing CaseMaking efforts. Then, we’ll schedule 3 hour-long coaching calls with your team to review the results and workshop ways to strengthen your case.

Provide a Playbook for CaseMaking in Your Community

The strongest CaseMaking comes from understanding the nuanced perspectives of the people who live in your community. We’ll conduct 6 virtual community voice sessions with diverse groups in your community and provide your team with a playbook of CaseMaking strategies tailored to what we heard.


Coach Your CaseMaking Community of Practice 

For groups ready to dive into CaseMaking implementation, we’ll meet with you monthly for 6 sessions of hands-on brainstorming, exercises, and materials development. Homework will be assigned!


Provide Individualized CaseMaking Support

Need a quick assessment of campaign materials under development or a thought partner as you brainstorm new messaging? We have consulting packages available for existing clients who value ongoing support from our experts. 


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