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NEW in 2023! Join Our Community Foundation Catalyst Cohort

Building Lasting Support for your Justice Goals




INVESTMENT: $15,000 for 3 participants

Community Foundations are Changing the Narrative & the Future, One Leader at a Time

Your community foundations are working hard to redesign the inequitable systems that are standing in the way of the just, prosperous future we all want. Unfortunately, the ways your leaders were taught to build public support for those changes aren’t rooted in science and often backfire, sapping their energy and leaving your organizations even farther from their goals. 

Through your support, your teams and partners can learn how to persuade differently – and get reenergized – together. 

Join our Strategic CaseMaking Catalyst Workshops

Don't miss this unique opportunity for up to 15 community foundations to participate in a customized series of Strategic CaseMaking Catalyst workshops launching in Summer 2023. 

Through six virtual, interactive workshops, each Strategic CaseMaking Catalyst Cohort will learn and practice skills and strategies described in TheCaseMade founder Dr. Tiffany Manuel’s Field Guide for Building Public and Political Will.  

What Participants Can Expect

Our highly participatory sessions are designed to draw people in, challenge their assumptions, explore new perspectives, and build new, immediately applicable skills tailored to their specific goals.

Questions or trouble registering? Contact us!

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