Community & Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

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Your Community Engagement Strategy

Before Covid19, communities could be engaged anywhere - at the bus stop, in the office, at the gym, in our community centers... Now it is happening online, in our organizations, or among our staff. Have you adapted to online engagement?    


While there are dozens of ways to define 'community engagement', in its simplest terms we think about it as the building blocks of Strategic CaseMaking - trust, belonging, stake, inclusiveness, understanding historical perspective, and context - are all key drivers of authentic community engagement.  Although most people intellectually understand the idea of community engagement and can talk about the value of it, not many organizations are doing this work well. Our goal is to help change that!

At TheCaseMade, we take this work seriously and have a framework that can help move your organization from intellectualizing about the value of community engagement ("we think community voice is important") to operationalizing authentic community engagement in your work ("everything we do recognizes and incorporates the unique value of the community around us, that's why we're learning and growing with the community that shapes our work"). 

If your organization seeks to better engage the community (whether that community is place-based, online, professional, sectoral or otherwise), we can help you underscore and operationalize what that means in terms of your long-term and sustainable outcomes, processes, relationships, casemaking, decision-making, or implementation.


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