We'll Work With You, Your Staff, Stakeholders or Strategic Partners to Conduct Research, Facilitate Learning and Provide Recommendations for Solving an Adaptive Challenge Facing Your Community

Customized Research and Community Voice Reports

We believe that holding space for emergent learning is one of the

pre-conditions for addressing adaptive challenges, sustaining collaborative action, and creating thriving organizations. If we want our communities to flourish in the face of change and disruption, we can only do so by leaning into the research that helps us set the foundation for our emerging future.

Whether we like it or not, the world around us is changing rapidly. The nature of adaptive leadership means embracing that change and the disruption that can often follow, leveraging them for improving the people and communities around us.  In order to inspire and mobilize, it often requires us to step back, take some time to rethink our assumptions, ask questions that rarely get asked, recalibrate our thinking, and reset our solutions for the dynamism of the future we envision.


At TheCaseMade, we are social scientists who understand how to ask the kind of questions and engage in cutting-edge research to help you recalibrate how you advance the work that you are undertaking.  We work with your team to produce customized research and “Community Voice Reports” that help to identify the nature of the adaptive challenge you are facing, as well as uncover how people understand and interpret those challenges —including their aspirations, the challenges they see and what progress together would look like.  To date, we have produced these reports in almost every part of our nation - from small towns to big ones, Fortune 500 companies as well as community-based organizations.  We have produced these reports on national and local issues including gentrification, the social determinants of health, financial security, education, and many others. 

These reports provide groups, organizations, institutions and coalitions with a tangible product, which produces the following: 

  • A reframing of the public discussion that helps to move debates from gridlock, silos, acrimony and “problems” to focus on people’s shared aspirations for what they seek to create together (asset-based framing).  

  • A new reference point for an alignment that exists outside the ingrained interests of individuals and often fragmented organizations and groups.


  • A playbook for ongoing public engagement that enables organizations, groups, and citizens to hold a shared sense of direction - TOGETHER!


  • A new public narrative that moves beyond negative ingrained narratives to a broader one that is grounded in people’s reality, reflects their values and builds forward-facing momentum for action.


Our customized research and Community Voice Reports always use adaptive leadership and emergent learning approaches. They are created through a series of in-depth conversations led by trained moderators using a highly-crafted discussion guide. They can be augmented with various types of alternative forums—with ordinary people and leaders. Importantly, these are not “political focus groups” where discussion moderators are searching out “hot button” topics and language to persuade or manipulate public opinion. Instead, these reports help to provide the basis for genuine, sustainable action and public will. Often they use a design thinking lens that puts people on their feet to think through what solutions they envision and how we get more people inspired to mobilize around them.

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