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We'll Lose Our Grandparent-Power!

Though we can always strengthen and refine the case for our work:

We love how our partners in Sandy Springs used the principle of loss aversion in these social media posts to remind people of what the community stands to lose if there isn't enough affordable housing. They say:

"Volunteers do so much incredible work in our community, led mostly by our incredible seniors who are giving their time after retirement to better our city. But we are at risk of losing our seniors as volunteers because of a lack of housing to meet their income levels after retirement. This would have huge consequences for all of us."


"We don't want to lose what makes Sandy Springs special simply because we didn't come together as a community to plan for the future we want. But the fact of the matter is that if we don't act now to address rising housing costs and effectively plan our city's growth, we will lose our ability to design our future."

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