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The Hero Within

No example is perfect, but there are always things we can learn from other changemakers across the country. Here are some things we can learn from this example:

• Created a sense of urgency around why we must act right now AND/OR what we will lose if we don’t.

• Tapped into the aspirations of the community members and used them to paint a picture of the future they are working toward together.

• Convey values in ways that will resonate with a broad coalition.

• Understands and avoid the traps, like biases and backfires, that halt progress in their community.

• Lifts up the need to fix antiquated and inequitable systems rather than individuals or groups of people.

• Uses metaphors to help illustrate how systems work and why they need fixing

• Portrays themselves as credible leaders with a strong track record of success.

• They tapped into the part of their audience’s sense of agency, choice, and concentration by grabbing attention in a creative or unexpecting way.

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