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Our Impact

Ain Bailey,

Program Officer,

Borealis Philanthropy

Dr. Tiffany Manuel is the consummate professional, bringing strategic expertise, relevant tools for development and learning and a collaborative spirit to all of her work.


I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. T in a number of philanthropic spaces and she brings clear guidance and informed processes which effectively support the collaboratives that she works with to unpack nuanced details on the way to generative outcomes.  It is a pleasure to partner, strategize with, and learn from her.

Katie Coleman

Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Nevada Rural Housing Authority

DrT, you made my housing/marketing/human heart absolutely SING today! 


“How do you spell education?

“If someone doesn’t see you in their story, they’re not coming to your party...
We need the people who need affordable housing.”

And, YES, let’s take a page from the book of our medical friends helping drive public will during the pandemic! … “My housing stability depends on yours; and yours depends on mine.”

Breeze Hodson Tonnesen

Communications & Operations Director

Island Housing Trust

Her emphasis on storytelling as an impactful messaging tool really resonated with me when DrT said, ”We are so addicted to stories that we tell them to ourselves while we dream.” This simple message helped change the direction of my practice and the communications plans...We took her words to heart and have been working hard to produce short films that tell our story in a way our community has found engaging and compelling.

Phillippe Jordi

Executive Director

Island Housing Trust

I want to sincerely thank you for your help in this summer's Island Housing Trust Virtual Benefit Brunch that exceeded our fundraising goal and included over a hundred new donors. As we've successfully done in the past, we'll be leveraging the $513,925 you've helped us raise to secure $1.5 million in local and state grant funding.

Shannon Vilhauer

Executive Director

Habitat for Humanity Oregon

Wow! You rocked the opening keynote. I truly appreciate how you focused on empowering local affiliates to take productive action. Your guidance is spot-on and very clear.


Thank you for making policies that can seem to abstract, like the legacy of redlining, into a reality that's personal.


It has truly been an honor getting to know you better...Thank you for setting an amazing tone for our first virtual Western Region Conference!


You are AMAZING!

In times that demand adaptive leadership and transformational change, Dr. Manuel is a go-to adviser to the nation’s state housing finance agencies. Her practical advice and inspiring vision are assets to our members -- and many others on the front lines of expanding housing opportunity.

Stockton Williams,

Executive Director

 National Council of State Housing Agencies

John Irvine,

Principal, JUSTconnect Group

DrT has enabled me to move confidently to a higher level of persuasion—more strategic, more powerful, more effective. Her insights help you develop the level of effectiveness your organization seeks.

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