John Irvine,
Principal of JUSTconnect Group

John helps organizations in affordable housing, supportive housing, community development as well as non-profits become more efficient and impactful as organizations. This includes strategic planning, building high performance teams, training and executive coaching, development of branding and marketing activities as well as creating relationships with strategic partners.

Stories of Impact

DrT has enabled me to move confidently to a higher level of persuasion—more strategic, more powerful, more effective. Her insights help you develop the level of effectiveness your organization seeks.


Dr. Manuel’s approach to strategic messaging [can help you] cut[s] away the fluff, frames key issue[s] and help[s] motivate stakeholders for systemic social change.


Her system of strategic case-making can help you break through today’s communication clutter, persuade stakeholders and make the systemic change you seek.


DrT can show you how to discover what your stakeholders really want and need. She’ll enable you to boil down your message for maximum impact. With her help, you’ll make your case more effectively.


Whether you’re calling a community meeting, writing a news release or managing your social media, strategic case-making can clarify your message, boost your impact and maximize your results for social change.


Social change isn’t easy. You need every possible advantage when you communicate. DrT’s Strategic Case-making can help you persuade stakeholders and motivate deep systemic change.

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