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Connect Your Work to People's Aspirations

When we lift up people’s own hopes and dreams for their lives, families, or communities, they are more willing to hear us, even when the conversations we need to have with them are tough or require some sacrifice on their part.

We've been using CaseMaking to really help anchor housing to the issues people care about-especially environmental justice, so that we can bring environmental advocates to our issue.

Go Deeper

Assess Where You're At

These questions will help you reflect on this leg of your CaseMaking journey

Practice Makes Perfect

Putting this principle into practice means building these skills

Show Me Some Examples

Some of the best CaseMaking we’ve seen lately

Get the Book

Case Made!
10 Powerful Leadership Principles that Win Hearts, Change Minds, and Grow Impact

A growing body of social science shows us what works – and what doesn’t – to ignite people behind a common cause. That learning is distilled in our Field Guide.

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