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Public Will Building Has Arrived!

Strategic CaseMaking Field Guide
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“Building the public and political will necessary to transform the systems that shape the future of our communities is one of the most critical challenges of our time.”       ~Dr. Tiffany Manuel

You’ve got great ideas on how to change the world for the better, but you’re still struggling to get the groundswell of support you need.


In this Field Guide, DrT shares why even the most committed leaders have to work hard to make the case for systems change. 

She outlines the blueprint for Strategic CaseMaking™ - an evidence-based approach that strengthens your call-to-action, brings new champions forward, and aligns your stakeholders around your systems change strategy. 

You'll find:

  • Detailed explanations of public and political will building

  • Step-by-step illustrations and examples

  • Reflection questions & resources for using the principles

  • Practice pages to get you started immediately