Mobilize & Inspire 

Bring Us to Your Conference, Board Retreat Stakeholder or Community Meeting

The Pandemic has changed the way we come together, but the work goes on. We can help you take your virtual conference, online board retreat, and community or stakeholder zoom meeting to the next level!

If you are hosting an event and are looking for a way to create a more impactful experience that transcends traditional speakers, endless slideshows, and low-energy panels, TheCaseMade team can help! 


No, we're not event designers but we can work with you to plan thoughtful sessions that not only engage your participants in provocative and meaningful conversation but also mobilize and inspire them to make a stronger case for the work they are doing to improve communities.  

We ask tough questions as part of innovative and interactive exercises that can get people thinking in new ways about their work and help them reimagine how they bring new champions forward!

  • How do we make a stronger case to get the support we need from our staff, stakeholders and strategic partners?

  • How do we better align the stakeholders and strategic partners we have, so that they constructively engage in the deep system change work that we are doing to improve outcomes for our communities?

  • How can we unleash a greater sense of shared responsibility to solve the adaptive challenges our communities face?


  • How can we inspire people to be part of something larger than ourselves and to work with us to make a difference in our communities?


  • How can we personally find the courage and humility to pull others forward on this journey?

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