"We are  redefining  what it means to make the case for systems change and in so doing, building the public and political will needed to transform communities for the better." 

Dr. Tiffany Manuel  

President & CEO, TheCaseMade 

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Dr. Tiffany Manuel

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  • Dynamic speaker, best-selling author and the President and CEO of TheCaseMade, an organization dedicated to helping leaders powerfully and intentionally make the case for system change. 

  • 25+ year career - spanning the private and non-profit sectors, government and academia - working to expand opportunity for low-wage workers and to build inclusive communities.


  • Currently serves as the President & CEO of TheCaseMade, working to strengthen the capacity of our nation's leaders to make the case for building inclusive communities and to effectively tackle all forms of social, racial and economic inequality​.


  • Passionate about translating the insights harvested from social science to increase opportunities for public deliberation and public will-building on issues facing our nation. 


  • Mother, active community leader, and passionate advocate for a more just, compassionate world


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