Nobody Deserves This!

This is urgent and it deserves your attention!

If you have people in your networks who still do not understand why people are in the streets protesting, THIS photo is why. And ask them if their preschoolers have ever had an automatic weapon aimed at them by police officers? Then ask them, how many years of therapy it would take to heal and repair their child's sense of safety, after they experienced this? Ask them to think about how powerless they would feel in this situation and how they would EVER repair their children’s sense that you could keep them safe? How would you explain to your children that you had absolutely NO POWER to protect them, even if they had done nothing to provoke this?

There is no situation that EVER justifies this! Yet, the frequency with which people of color have to deal with the constant FEAR OF THIS, even during so-called “routine traffic stops”, is why people are taking to the street! We have simply had enough! And if you agree, become an ally.

As protests continue, talk to your neighbors, friends, family and co-workers – especially the ones who are shaking their heads because they want to protect “law and order”. Show them this picture and ask the questions above. Use it to have an honest conversation about what is happening in our country today. It’s okay to stumble over your words or to feel a bit awkward because the words don’t quite come out in as coherent a fashion as you’d like but HAVE THE CONVERSATION.

Then, ask them to join you in being an ally – standing with people of conscience, all over this country, of all races and ethnicities, who are saying – enough is enough.