Systems Change is Happening Right Now. These CaseMaking Tips Will Help You Accelerate It.

By Orville Morales, Senior Director of Field Building, and Jennifer Rich, Senior Communications Strategist

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into all the systems that shape our lives. No matter where we work, most of our organizations have had to rethink how to get the work done. Nonprofits have had to think about how they provide services and resources to their communities. Employers have had to be financially and operationally agile to survive shifting consumer demand. Governments and healthcare systems have had to reassess on the fly their own role in advancing racial justice and health equity. And the list goes on.

As a changemaker, gamechanger, community leader, or professional making “good trouble,” you are poised to take advantage of the huge – and fleeting – opportunity that wrench has given us to accelerate deeply transformational change. To amplify your efforts, you need Strategic CaseMaking in your toolbelt. The approach helps you understand and address both the obvious and less visible reasons why people sit on their hands when – especially now – they should be working actively toward a world that works for everybody, no exceptions.

You can do these three things right now to help speed up our journey to justice:

Pathlight #1: Partner with Someone or Some Organization Outside of Your Sphere of Influence. Whether we like it or not, truly transformative systems change requires the alignment of many stakeholders, including government, corporate, nonprofit, and community leaders, that may see the world differently from each other. The pandemic has created new energy around partnerships and some real opportunities to engage new and unlikely champions for our efforts. For example, the Real Estate Board of New York, the property industry’s main lobbying group, recently jo