We Benefit from Fair Housing Every Day, So Let's Make the Case for It Every Day

My daughter, who just turned one, is at that age where she soaks up everything – every moment, every path, every person she meets is enriching her life in ways that we don’t fully understand. But we know that a life of discovery is what we want for her – it’s what will make her a successful human and bring her joy.  

We all want opportunities to learn and grow from people around us with different strengths and perspectives. But years of racist and discriminatory housing policies and practices have stripped that opportunity from all of us – and have done the most harm to Black, Indigenous, and other families of color.

Our partners at the National Fair Housing Alliance and the National Low Income Housing Coalition, to name just a few, are working hard to advance fair housing policies, programs, services, and investments envisioned in the 1968 Fair Housing Act. But they can't do it alone. That’s why it's so crucial for all of us adaptive leaders to be building a strong case for fair housing, not just this month but every month.