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At TheCaseMade, we work with hundreds of passionate social change leaders, changemakers and innovators around the United States who are building better, stronger communities that are diverse, equitable and inclusive. By aligning their community stakeholders around the kind of deep systems changes that can improve outcomes for all people, these leaders are able to grow their impact, scale their programs, and catalyze the investments they need to improve their communities.


This book is a summary of the core ideas, concepts, and principles of our approach, Strategic CaseMaking™ and is divided into several broad sections. This version of the Guide includes the full blueprint, reflection questions, and much more!


What’s Inside This Field Guide?


  • Understanding the Public Will Building Challenges We Face as Changemakers


  • Understanding the Strategic CaseMaking™ Approach

  • The 10 Core Principles of Strategic CaseMaking™


  • Mastering the Approach: A Series of Thoughtful Reflection Questions, Pro-Tips, Success Metrics, Examples, Practice Pages and In-Depth Descriptions

The Ultimate How-To-Guide for

Public Will Building Has Finally Arrived!

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“Building the public and political will necessary to transform the systems that shape the future of our communities, is one of the most critical challenges of our time.” 


Dr. Tiffany Manuel, Author

Backfires, Backpacks and Bedtime Stories

In this timely and important new book, Dr. Manuel shares why it has been so difficult to build stronger public support for improving the systems that govern our communities.  This book underscores why:

  • our approach to community engagement often has unintended and counter-productive effects (backfires);

  • we only seem to be able to win small marginal improvements in policy, regulatory, and systems - even we ask for transformational change (backpacks

  • most of the challenge is rooted in the past - the belief system that most of us acquired as children (our bedtime stories), rather than contemporary beliefs about what happening in our communities. 

The result?  As advanced as we are as a nation, most of the heavy lifting of improving our communities is done with very little public support and very few material resources. In essence, we are losing in the court of public opinion and unless we change course, we will lose the current momentum to create the equitable and inclusive communities that we envision.


In this book, Dr. Manuel challenges our conventional assumptions about what it takes to "make a case" for systems change and she gives specific empirically-based recommendations to help us improve the way we engage our communities and win the resources we need.

Free Downloadable Resources

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Strategic CaseMaking™ Resources for Building Public Will Around Affordable Housing, Equitable and Inclusive Development

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Strategic CaseMaking™ Resources for Building Public Will Around Population Health

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