Start Your First Mile!

Strategic CaseMaking is about making the impossible possible - about giving you the tools, and the confidence to achieve the more just and sustainable world we are all seeking. Like any skillset, it takes time and practice to get it right. 


We’ll travel alongside you -- teaching, guiding, coaching and co-creating with you as you learn and deploy the skills and strategies to build support behind your quest for deeply transformational change. 

Our Approach Guides Your Path in Three Ways 


1. Avoid the Traps that Doom Your Journey 

  • Materials Review 

  • Landscape Analysis 

  • Community Voice Sessions 

  • Survey Design 


2. Build Narratives that Inspire Action 

  • Basic CaseMaking 

  • Intermediate CaseMaking 

  • Advanced CaseMaking 

  • Individual Skill-Building 


3. Bring New Heroes to Your Quest 

  • Narrative Playbook 

  • Pitch Deck 

  • Individual Coaching 

  • Community of Practice 


Join our community of CaseMakers who are creating transformational change. Our tools can be tailored to the needs and budgets of your staff, board, coalition, or learning community. 


** SCHEDULE A FIRST MILE SESSION to determine where you are on your journey. ** 


Dispatches from The Journey