Storytelling for Public Will Building

How You Tell the Story Matters! Spend an Online Session With Us Mastering the Art of the Story of Us

Stories are powerful. We listen differently when the speaker is a great storyteller.  Everybody has a story to tell but some stories not only get more traction than others, but they also motivate people to action. Come Learn the difference!    

Storytelling is probably the most powerful part of casemaking.  We listen differently to stories than we do to other kinds of information. People can be more empathetic when they hear stories and they deploy their emotive selves, when they hear stories.  

As powerful as stories are, many of us never take the time to learn how to fully unleash the power of our stories - especially our personal narrative - to bring others to understand our view of the world.


The principles of Strategic CaseMaking™ tell us that you have two choices if you are to become an effective casemaker: you learn to be a great storyteller (as part of your work to mobilize and inspire people to action) or you stand outside of your story and struggle to get people to listen. 

In our storytelling lab, we focus on helping you to own your story and tell it as part of a bigger story of system change, equity, and inclusiveness.  We help you understand the mechanics of storytelling and to practice your ability to wield effective practices for the broader public good.

At the end of this fast-paced lab, you will have a chance to develop and tell your story and you'll be well on your way to being a better and more strategic storyteller!  

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