Our leadership training and resources help you win justice in three ways. ​

  • Prepare You for a Successful Journey: Effectively frame the adaptive challenge you are solving, define a mission and values that build trust, and develop a roadmap that telegraphs success. ​

  • Craft Narratives that Inspires Action: Make a strong case for action that speaks to the beliefs, aspirations, fears, and hopes of the wide array of people you need on your side.​

  • Bring New Heroes to Your Quest: Engage stakeholders strategically and mobilize new champions through thoughtful calls to action. ​

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10 Principles of Strategic CaseMaking

  • Connect your work to people’s aspirations​

  • Name the power of the moment to affect the future​

  • Tell people what they lose if they sit on the sidelines​

  • Navigate dominant narratives​

  • Anchor and credential solutions​

  • Makes inequitable systems the villain​

  • Tell the “story of us”​

  • Foster collective ownership​

  • Reimagine your value proposition​

  • Share your roadmap and metrics for success​

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Strategic CaseMaking™ is research and community tested​

A growing body of social science research shows us what works – and what doesn’t – to ignite people behind a common cause. That learning is distilled in our Field Guide.

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