Strategic CaseMaking™ Labs

Spend the Day With Us Mastering the
Evidence-Based Practices for Strong CaseMaking

You are a passionate communicator of ideas but you want to be a more STRATEGIC communicator able to bring new champions to your work. Come spend the day with us sharpening your skills set!  

You have excellent strategic ideas. They could be game-changing. They align with your vision and there is energy for change. You can visualize what success looks like. You are hungry to make it happen. But how do you do it?

Making a strong case for your ideas involves strategic conversations, engaging people effectively, recognizing visual and audio clues, as well as understanding the complex world of culture and cognition. It may sound tough, but our goal is to make it easy. It requires a mindset that embraces exploration, experimentation, & iteration. Along with a willingness to learn along the way. There is absolute art and science in designing strategic conversations. It goes well beyond expert facilitation. It requires design!

In our labs, we introduce you to the tools and processes that are part of the foundation needed for Strategic CaseMaking. The same tools and processes that we use with our consulting clients.

Our approach uses multi-disciplinary insights from behavioral economics, to social movements, and cognitive science. 


At the end of this fast-paced class, you will have a chance to develop and deliver your "fast pitch" and you'll be well on your way to being a better and more strategic communicator!

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