Why CaseMaking?

We live in a time of enormous opportunity and potential. The advances we’ve made over the last century have improved our lives across a whole host of  economic, social, and health indicators.

There’s also much that remains to be done. And we don’t want to take the old challenges of inequity, poverty, and climate destruction into our future. Yet many of the systems that govern our communities haven’t been updated for decades. 


To embrace the opportunities that are ahead of us, we must shift the culture and practice within and among those systems and institutions. That will require the sustained effort of many people who may not always see eye to eye.

That’s where CaseMaking comes in.   


A growing body of social science research shows us what works – and what doesn’t work – to energize and ignite people behind a common cause.  


We distilled those principles into the Strategic CaseMaking Field Guide, and we train leaders across the country in how to apply them to shape a more positive future for all people.


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