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NEW for 2023!
Professional Development Series

Data for Storytelling: Using the Data You Have to Build a Stronger Case


 1:00 - 3:00 PM ET 



Justice wins when leaders like you join together and learn to make a stronger case for it. But not everyone is connected to an organization that can provide enterprise-wise CaseMaking training. That’s why we’re starting 2023 with a brand new professional development series for individual leaders like you to build your skills!

Data for Storytelling: Using the Data You Have to Build a Stronger Case


Our causes are awash in depressing data that only serve to demoralize people and push them away from helping us.

In this 2-hour workshop, DrT and the team will give you tools to understand how to flip the script — using your data to build energy and support around solutions. Based on your interests, we can discuss examples from housing, health, climate change, child welfare, inflation, racial segregation, and more.


Who should attend:

  • Leaders fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves

  • Community advocates and those looking to build public support for their cause

  • Organization leaders: executive directors, program staff, government agency staff, and nonprofit team members


What you’ll gain:

  • How to spot good data for CaseMaking and public will-building

  • How to avoid the common traps of storytelling and the backfires from using the wrong data

  • How to frame data so that they engage and invite new champions to your work


Investment: $100 per seat

Come one, come all.  We’re happy to have you!

(If you don't receive confirmation of your registration, please check your junk mail folder.)

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