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Join our Community of CaseMakers

Strategic CaseMaking™ is a set of 10 leadership principles that will help you create more productive conversations about the future of your community and build lasting support behind the just, sustainable world we are all seeking.

Like any new skills, they take time and space to learn and perfect.

We offer a variety of ways for your staff, board, coalition, or peer network to learn and practice the strategies they need to successfully build the public's will for deeply transformational change.

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What We Offer

& Training

Want to bring fresh energy and perspective on how to make the case for justice to your event, fellowship program or professional development opportunity? We can keynote or train your group on any of the specific skills that make up Strategic CaseMaking.

Peer Learning Communities

Want to build an ongoing peer learning community of Strategic CaseMakers in your  organization or coalition? We can provide a series of 6 training sessions over 3-6 months to your dedicated group to learn and practice implementing all 10 CaseMaking principles specifically on your issue.

Tailored Research
& Consulting

Want to tailor your Strategic CaseMaking to the specific reality on the ground in your community or issue area? We can design a package of research and consulting that meets your particular needs. 

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