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We're Reimagining How Justice Wins

Founded by Dr. Tiffany Manuel, TheCaseMade's mission is to transform communities by helping everyday heroes emerge as leaders who can powerfully build the public will necessary to tackle the tough issues that determine our future.

We do that by helping leaders build skills around the principles of Strategic CaseMaking through:


  • trainings and workshops   

  • community listening facilitations

  • webinars and other online convenings

  • leadership coaching and consulting

  • written strategic guidance (like playbooks, toolkits, and research briefs)

Our approach helps everyday people lean into their strengths as leaders so that they can strengthen their communities, grow their impact, scale their programs, and harness the upstream investments needed to ensure the future of the places they love. 

Our current partners are national philanthropies, state advocacy organizations, community coalitions, and local governments, among others.

Partner with us!  Help us create the future of systems change, powered by everyday people.

Our Values

We believe we will achieve a more just future together.


We believe leaders are everywhere, and equipped with the right tools, will change the world.


We believe in truth and justice and use those values to guide who we work with and how we do our work.


We believe understanding is an ongoing journey that requires seeking the expertise of all people, and especially those most affected by injustice.

Our Team

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