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Strategic CaseMaking

Publications & Research

Research on Strategic CaseMaking has appeared in a variety of journals and publications. To stay up to date on our thought leadership, follow DrT on Linkedin.

Nonprofit Quarterly

Making the Case for Reproductive Health

January 2023

common ground.JPG
NAR's On Common Ground

Helping REALTORS See Their Implicit Bias

November 2021


Three Big But Basic Things We Could Do Right Now

January 2021


Evaluating Investment Opportunities on their Potential for Advancing Racial Justice in the US

November 2020

Fish See Water.JPG
Case Western Reserve What Works Series

Building Public Will to Advance Inclusive Communities

May 2020

Rethink Health.JPG
ReThink Health

A Compelling Case Could Unlock Trapped Potential

March 2020

Gentrification and Displacement.JPG
Strong, Prosperous & Resilient Community Challenge

Tracking the Issues of Gentrification & Displacement

February 2019

Dismantling Fair Housing Narratives.JPG
Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law

The Urgent Need to Reframe the Public Conversation to Build Public Will

May 2018

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Shifting Narratives Away from Consumer Choice and Personal Responsiblity

April 2018

Shelterforce Magazine

The Answer May Be Settled By Our Narratives

January 2018

Rethink Health

Five Strategies to Anchor Your Case

October 2017

Building Justice.JPG
City Limits

How to Talk About Racial Equality in a Way That Gets It Done

November 2016

Enterprise Community Partners

Why Housing Messages are Backfiring and 10 Things We Can Do About It

October 2016

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