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Principle Nine

Reflection Questions

Strategic CaseMaking™ is about making the impossible possible –about giving you the tools and confidence to achieve the more just and sustainable world we are all seeking.Like any new skill set, it takes time and practice to get it right. These questions will help you assess the progress you’ve made and the road still ahead.

    • Did I connect to the proven track record my organization or my coalition has on this issue? If we do not yet have a track record, have we established trust and credibility on this issue with our stakeholders and strategic partners?

    • Did I powerfully communicate the value of my organization or coalition with a strong, meaningful theory of change/action?

    • Did I share that theory of change/action with an explanatory metaphor to help give that theory real-time value to my stakeholders?

    • Did I use that theory of change/action and metaphor to also help my audiences and stakeholders understand THEIR role in working with my organization and/or our coalition?
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