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© 2018 by TheCaseMade Inc., is a minority and woman-owned, public benefit corporation

The systems that should connect everyday Americans to opportunity are deeply distressed.

"We are  redefining  what it means to make the case for systems change and in so doing, building the public and political will needed to transform communities for the better." 

Dr. Tiffany Manuel  

President & CEO, TheCaseMade 

Systems Change, Redesigned 

Tell us how we can help your organization:




We Need a Systems Change Strategy that Can Be Actioned Tomorrow
We Need Help Making the Case for Systems Change that Builds Public Will 
We Need Help Getting Buy-In from Our Board, Partner Organizations and Residents for Our Strategy


We Need a Stronger Framework and Metrics for Measuring the Impacts of Our Strategy


We Need a Training, Workshop or Convening to Engage Our Community Stakeholders or Members