Even the most inspired leaders have to work hard to make the case for change.


At TheCaseMade, we’ve created an easy-to-follow blueprint, Strategic CaseMaking™, to make it easier for you to call people to action in ways that transform our world for the better. 


You already have the passion and vision, let us help you with the strategy.

Our Impact

Myra Mills,

Former Chief Strategy Officer at Milestone Housing Development Corporation

I hate to say it but having Dr. Manuel on speed dial has been enormously helpful as we rethink our case statement. She and her team helped us refine a strategy that we've been agonizing over for months!

John Irvine,

Principal, JUSTconnect Group

DrT has enabled me to move confidently to a higher level of persuasion—more strategic, more powerful, more effective. Her insights help you develop the level of effectiveness your organization seeks.

In times that demand adaptive leadership and transformational change, Dr. Manuel is a go-to adviser to the nation’s state housing finance agencies. Her practical advice and inspiring vision are assets to our members -- and many others on the front lines of expanding housing opportunity.

Stockton Williams,

Executive Director of the National Council of State Housing Agencies

Changing the narrative is so important to our work.  Nobody does this work better than Dr. Manuel.  She totally helped us to do a 180 degree turnaround in how we engage our community stakeholders.

Peter Mills

Executive Director, National Coalition for Ending Child Homelessness

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